For thermal spraying and other applications we have various handling & transfer systems in our portfolio. The selection of a handling system depends on the required manipulation and on the needed space for it. Each handling will be adapt to the requirements (e.g. robots & turntables will be modified for vacuum operating, transfer systems will be adapt to your layout). If standard handlings do not meet the requirements, we create of course special designed handlings for you.

  • We build handlings at your specification.
  • We modify robots for vacuum use.

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Manipulation / Handling Components

We use standard industrial robots for our systems for spray gun or part moving. In the most cases, a normal industrial robot will bring the best effort for moving the spray gun. They are simple to use, can be programmed by trained persons and have enough capability for a lot of coating programs.
For vacuum applications we modify the robot motors and the cabling. We add special vacuum connection-plugs for feed trought the vacuum chamber. Each robot will be tested (and adjusted by manufacturer), and is delivered as ready to use. Medicoat integrates the robot in the thermal spray system normally with a bus system. Therefore the entire system will work automatically, exchange values between the controllers and can do a complete receipt for itself.
Today, 6-axis robots are state of the art. Track systems create an additional axis of motion. Mounting is possible in standing or hanging position.
> Turntables for single part coating
> 4 stations VPS-handling for single part coating or planetary systems
> 9 stations VPS-handling for single part coating or planetary systems
> Turntables for transfer systems, optional tilt mechanism
> We build turntables according to your requirements
> Carousels with 4 or 8 stations
> Quick coupling systems
> Single part or planetary system coatings
> Systems with clamping receptacle
> Accessories for gates, lifts, loading and unloading stations
Transfer systems are very useful for gridblasting-systems and Atmospheric spraying without being restricted to intervals like with turntable systems. It’s possible to have a buffer even for raw pieces but also for finished pieces. RF-ID’s on the carriers allow the system to work with an individual receipt for each carrier. Therefore you can load each carrier with different pieces.

> Pallet systems with synchronizable movements
> Pallets for planetary systems
> Pallets with quick coupling parts uptake
> Accessories for gates, lifts, loading and unloading stations

Medicoat provides a variable multi-station system, adapted to the dimensions of vacuum chambers, that allows coating solutions for various part-numbers depending on the individual dimensions.

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