Plasma Spray – We are User and Producer of APS- and VPS-technology

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Medicoat is user and producer of plasma spray technology

We provide turnkey systems, components and coating solutions for plasma spray applications – all from one source. The Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) is a versatile thermal spray process for high quality, reliability and durability. It is used for wear and corrosion protection, thermal insulation, repair, and restoration. As it is the most flexible of all thermal spray processes coatings, can be applied onto all suitable base materials with the widest variety of powders. Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS) is a versatile thermal spray process for the highest quality, reliability and durability to the exclusion of oxygen in low-pressure inert gas atmosphere. The process is conducted in a vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber is evacuated by a pump system before the process starts, to a pressure level of 0.08mbar. This ensures that residual oxygen or water vapor adhering to the chamber influence the high-purity gas atmosphere. Oxide free and dense layers on a pressure level of 60 – 300 mbar may be applied under inert gas.
The properties of Vacuum Plasma Spray Coatings are:
Strong substrate binding
Low porosity
Optimized structure
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