Medicoat provides to the prosthesis manufacturers optimized medical coatings that meet all ISO standards and ASTM requirements. The medical coating production takes place under the strict quality standards according to ISO 13485.

Plasma sprayed Titanium + Hydroxyapatite

Giving implants an ideal surface structure for fast and durable bone integration.

Bone cells can be anchored directly on biocompatible materials, if the surface is structured accordingly. Vacuum plasma sprayed coatings with pure titanium have a rough surface giving bone cells the ideal space for the essential ingrowth process. The natural oxide film on the Ti layer prevents the dreaded metal ion release after implantation. The osseointegration of the implant can be accelerated by an additional hydroxyapatite (HA) coating on top of the titanium layer. HA is a natural constituent of bone tissue. The metal implant is now covered with a bioidentical stealth and the ingrowth process time of the HA-coated prosthesis is identical to the healing process of a bone fracture.

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