Thermal Spray

Fill your Powder Feeder safely with Suction Device SAFU

When filling powder feeders from the reservoir, harmful dust is inevitably released into the ambient air due to the volume displacement. Further more, depending on the nature of the powder, an ignitable cloud of dust may form, which can lead to fires or explosions in the case of improper filling operations or equipment (ATEX zone).

The newly developed filling-suction device SAFU supports the safe and reliable filling of the Medicoat powder containers of the type Flowmotion and disc conveyors.
The hopper is made of stainless steel and has a suction port to safely dispose of the dusts in the customer’s dust filter.
The filling-suction device allows a safe and clean working and saves additional cleaning effort.

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Cooperation between Medicoat AG and Kermetico Inc. on a project of industrial significance has been initiated

In July 2017 Kermetico Inc. and Medicoat AG started a cooperative project to provide a novel coating equipment system and solutions for European and North American markets. Both partners plan to provide a multifunctional plasma+HVOF+HVAF system by the end of this year.

Kermetico, Inc. is a California corporation established in 2006. Kermetico designs, builds and supplies High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) and High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) spraying equipment. Kermetico has created HVAF and HVOF systems for automated, hand-held and internal diameter coating applications.  Kermetico systems provide technologically efficient ways to spray tungsten carbides, chromium carbides, metals (Al, Ti, Sn) and alloys (Ni-, Fe-, Co-based, MCrAlY, Inconel, Hastelloy).

Medicoat AG is a Swiss-based innovative company working in the thermal spray industry,  established in 1989 and specialized in atmospheric and vacuum plasma spraying (APS, VPS) for coatings of medical implants. Medicoat offers complete coating systems and develops spray coatings for medical applications in particular very pure titanium and hydroxyapatite with adapted crystallinity.

Ceramic Implants with Titanium Coating, Stuttgart-Surface-Technology-Award 2014 honors collaborative project of Medicoat and CeramTec

Dr. Marita Raschke, CeramTec GmbH (centre) and Philipp Gruner, CEO Medicoat AG (with red tie) are pleased about the surface Technology Award »THE SURFACE 2014«, awarded by Fraunhofer IPA . (Foto: Fraunhofer IPA)

On 24 June 2014, as part of the international trade fair for surface treatments & coatings three innovations from various industrial sectors were honored with the Stuttgart Surface Technology Award 2014. 1st place was given to the Airbus Group for surfaces based on TiO2 nanotubes reducing ice adhesion to aircraft. The second place went to the cooperative project of CeramTec GmbH and Medicoat AG – »Bone grows to ceramic implants through new coating technology.“
3rd place was awarded to Hartchrom Schoch GmbH for the subject »Anti-Stokes crystals in chemically or electrochemically generated surface layer systems highlight products safely«.
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Medicoat at ITSC 2014 Barcelona

From 21 to 23 May Barcelona is the venue for the ITSC 2014 – International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition. At ITSC 2014 Medicoat will display state of the art thermal spray equipment and materials. Our experts will be at hand to discuss highlighted products such as Flowmotion, our new powderfeeder with linear actuator.
We will also introduce the latest generation of system visualization and control, which meets the high demands and requirements of production and monitoring for sensitive areas such as aviation and medicine.
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Plasma Coating System for Chinese University Institute

Under the title ‚20000 ° Celsius cool controlled‘ megalink magazine reports in it’s current issue about products manufactured by Medicoat AG as well as Siemens components used for control and drive technology.

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