Medical Coating

Medipure Titanium coating on PEEK and PEKK-based medical devices with vacuum plasma technology

Only few new materials have been successfully introduced in the recent decades in orthopaedics and neurosurgery beside austenitic stainless steels or high strength titanium alloys. While new metallic alloys (NiTi, TiMo, TiZr, Ta) have been applied by few companies, polyaryletherketones homopolymers PEEK and PEKK have been selected for many new medical devices for the spine surgery and other cranio-maxillofacial indications, either for brand new products or to replace existing metallic implants (cages, pedicle screws, cranial plates). MRI compatibility and lower stiffness are two advantages of the non-filled polymers that supported the material introduction. More recently implants made of reinforced resin (PEEK) with short or long fibres have been developed and introduced on the market. However for both filled and non-filled materials, a secondary complete osseointegration through bone apposition cannot be achieved, as a thin layer of fibrous tissue is first developed on the material surface. Resulting potential instability of the implant is indeed a strong drawback for the material that prevents its wider use in orthopaedic surgery. This is the reason why requirement for Titanium coating on PEEK has been recognized pretty early.

Acron coated PEEK TLIF (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion) cage, SpineMED®

Thanks to an extensive know how in osseointegrative coatings on medical devices, Medicoat has extended its Medipure ™ titanium coating technology by vacuum plasma spray (VPS) to organic substrates like PEEK, PEKK, CFR PEEK and long-fibre reinforced materials, and applied it to several spline implants like cervical and lumbar cages, pedicle screws and cranial plates. The well-integrating Titanium surfaces along with increased surface area of the rough coating improve the poor osseintegration of PEEK-based medical devices. Using cutting edge plasma spray technology, Medicoat is able to fully coat PEEK or PEKK implants with complex geometries like fenestrated open structures, promoting osseointegration not only on flat bone contacting surfaces but within the structure too, supporting bone growth through the entire implant.
Recently CE marked and FDA approved PEEK medical devices coated by Medicoat will soon be launched on their respective markets.

Cyril Voisard, Head of Business Development

eifeler Holding acquires minority interest in Medicoat AG

eifeler Holding GmbH & Co. KG, a leading global provider of medical coatings, acquired a minority interest in Medicoat AG on October 25, 2017.
With this investment, eifeler not only deepens its strong know-how in the field of medical coating technology, but also extends its expertise to the development and production of complete coating systems and consumables for thermal spraying.

Medicoat AG and eifeler group are looking forward to the future bundling forces in the field of medical coating technology. In the picture from left Philipp Gruner (CEO Medicoat AG), Heiko Gruner (founder and president Medicoat AG), Hans W. Eifeler (founder and shareholder eifeler Holding), Thomas Michel (member of the board Medicoat AG)

eifeler group has been active in the growing market of high-tech coatings for 30 years and ranks among the leading companies in the coating market worldwide. Following the divestiture of its tool coating division in 2013, the company today focuses on developing and applying innovative coating solutions to a variety of industries, in particular medical technology, with highly qualified engineers, physicists and chemists in its own research and development laboratories and coating centers.

Founded in 1989, Medicoat AG, based in Switzerland, is an innovative company in the field of thermal spraying technology with a focus on plasma spraying. Medicoat offers complete coating systems including wettable powders and develops spray coatings for medical and other industrial applications. Medicoat specializes in atmospheric and vacuum plasma spraying (APS, VPS) for coatings of medical implants with very pure titanium and hydroxyapatite in optimized crystallinity. In addition, the company serves a variety of international OEMs in the orthopedic industry as a contract manufacturer with the coating of implants. In addition to its head office in Mägenwil (Switzerland), Medicoat operates sites in Wohlen (Switzerland), Hunzenschwil (Switzerland) and Etupes (France).

Ceramic Implants with Titanium Coating, Stuttgart-Surface-Technology-Award 2014 honors collaborative project of Medicoat and CeramTec

Dr. Marita Raschke, CeramTec GmbH (centre) and Philipp Gruner, CEO Medicoat AG (with red tie) are pleased about the surface Technology Award »THE SURFACE 2014«, awarded by Fraunhofer IPA . (Foto: Fraunhofer IPA)

On 24 June 2014, as part of the international trade fair for surface treatments & coatings three innovations from various industrial sectors were honored with the Stuttgart Surface Technology Award 2014. 1st place was given to the Airbus Group for surfaces based on TiO2 nanotubes reducing ice adhesion to aircraft. The second place went to the cooperative project of CeramTec GmbH and Medicoat AG – »Bone grows to ceramic implants through new coating technology.“
3rd place was awarded to Hartchrom Schoch GmbH for the subject »Anti-Stokes crystals in chemically or electrochemically generated surface layer systems highlight products safely«.
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Medicoat at ITSC 2014 Barcelona

From 21 to 23 May Barcelona is the venue for the ITSC 2014 – International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition. At ITSC 2014 Medicoat will display state of the art thermal spray equipment and materials. Our experts will be at hand to discuss highlighted products such as Flowmotion, our new powderfeeder with linear actuator.
We will also introduce the latest generation of system visualization and control, which meets the high demands and requirements of production and monitoring for sensitive areas such as aviation and medicine.
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Plasma Coating System for Chinese University Institute

Under the title ‚20000 ° Celsius cool controlled‘ megalink magazine reports in it’s current issue about products manufactured by Medicoat AG as well as Siemens components used for control and drive technology.

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A Rough and Porous Implant Surface for better Bone Integration

Medicoat featured in Focus Aargau Magazine

The current issue no. 8-2013 of Focus Aargau Magazine reports under the title „A bone-hard business“ on the Medicoat AG. Founder Heiko Gruner provides information about the company, the products and the Canton of Aargau as a business location.

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