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Changing everything without changing anything

As a member of the family I have been following the development of Medicoat with interest since its foundation in 1989. I was fascinated by the products and technology and decided to study materials engineering with a focus on biomaterials in order to prepare for work in the company. In 2010 I took over the management of the company from my father Heiko Gruner. Before this we had worked together intensively for 6 years, in which I was able to gain a lot from his experience and knowledge.
As a pioneer company in plasma spraying for medical application, innovation was and is the reason of our success. Today Medicoat employs more than 40 people. The market is saturated and the technology of thermal spraying is well established. We have to master these challenges to achieve further growth. Our effective team of 5 researchers and our high-tech laboratory allow the development of new coatings on medical and industrial devices. Also our ideas for new products in equipment engineering will not run out, allowing us to be the right partner for you now and for the future.
Philipp Gruner, CEO Medicoat AG

Only the best for the benefit of the patient.

During the planning of medical production, delivery on time is my greatest emphasis without neglecting to comply with the quality standard ISO 13485. Medicoat supplies products to over 10 important implant manufacturers. Since I started as a coater at Medicoat, production has changed: Whereas products used to be manufactured within a month, these days a period of a week is more common. This is secured, because we can rely on 3 identical VPS systems, our preventive maintenance and our on-site repair service, available round the clock.
Stefan Koch, Head of Coating Services

Let’s work together!

Working on a technology for over 30 years provides experience and security. As a specialist in control and regulation technology and as part of equipment engineering at Medicoat, I am able to transfer the demands of coating technology into modern spraying systems. We design high quality, future-oriented equipments able to fully master the complex coating process.
Based on a combination of knowledge and innovation we produce complete systems and specific components for different thermal spray methods, in accordance with our high standard of quality and to the customer requirements.
And what can we do for you?
Rolf Kuhn, Head of Thermal Spray Systems

Calcium phosphates are our world.

Medicoat France was founded in 1997 to offer services and product sales directly in the EU market. Since hydroxyapatite (HA) is a strategic raw material for medical coatings, and as I worked intensively with this material before, the decision was taken in 2003 to set up our own production facility for HA spray powder in France. What started on a small scale to cover our in-house consumption is now a modern production line. Four employees control and secure an annual production of over four tons of HA.
Besides HA spray powder we can offer granules and blocks in different shapes out of HA, tricalciumphosphate (TCP) and adjusted mixtures of both, for various applications.
In particularly we are proud of our latest development – an antibacterial HA doped with silver ions. Of course titanium powders in different particle size distributions are also available.
Francis Tourenne, Director Medicoat France

Creating the solution you need.

Medicoat R&D is active in different areas such as coating for laser treated printing cylinders, for solid oxide fuel cells, for x-ray targets, and lead replacement using APS, VPS, HVOF and Cold Gas Spraying.
Our research is integrated in our coating production, powder and equipment manufacturing. New products are developed directly in our production units.
Important tasks are being performed in our own laboratory, such as the analysis of coating characteristics. Solutions coming out of our research are ready for production.
We work closely together with our customer. It is very important for us to understand their products or problems. Intensive co-operation is highly efficient for finding the correct solution (powder, process, equipment and coating).
R&D is known to be expensive. We try to keep the budget small, but not free of charge. Medicoat R&D is ready for your questions. Of course, nobody is perfect, but let’s try.
Jan Moens, Head of R&D

Swiss quality is reassuring.

At Medicoat a continuous improvement of the production processes and the quality management system is secured. The large number of implants (currently over 75 different prostheses are coated) requires a permanent control of the complete process and revision of the procedural instructions. Preventive maintenance and recalibration on time secure the coating quality according to customer specification and the traceability of the products. Each operator has been trained accordingly.
Total quality management is one of the main reasons for our success. I am particularly proud that none of our coated implants ever failed after the implantation.
Ferdi Sommer, Head of Quality Management

How it all started…

It was whilst I was studying applied physics that I first realised how helpful coatings can be. Since then coatings were always in my mind. I founded Medicoat in 1989. Its success is based on the combination of two types of coating, a rough and porous titanium (1984) and a bioactive calcium phosphate (1987). Only the careful control and regulation of all relevant coating parameters offered the way to functional coatings with reproducible properties as required for medical applications.
Therefore our own equipment technology was created, now available for all thermal spray applications. Medicoat has coated over 400‘000 implants and about 50 coating systems are used around the world. Since 2003 we produce the hydroxyapatite powder (HA) at Medicoat France, in order to secure constant quality and availability. Our plant was certified to ISO 9001 in 1999. Since 2010 medical coating production and HA powder manufacturing are strictly controlled according to ISO 13485.
Continuous development and process innovation maintain our advantage.
Heiko Gruner, Founder and President of the Board of Directors